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Why hire me for your next project?

My name is Plamen Dimitrov and I'm an innovative thinker, freelance web designer/developer and SEO expert. I've been working as a freelancer for the past 15+ years, with clients ranging from small startups to multinational companies.

I love to work in User Experience & User Interface designing. Because I love to solve the design problem and find easy and better solutions to solve it. I always try my best to make good user interface with the best user experience. I have been working as a Visual designer from.

I've done numerous jobs for other web design studios, advertising agencies and online corporations if they needed an extra hand or some special skills to complete a project.

While creating site designs I try to work closely with the clients and pay much attention to preparatory work.

 I believe that the ability to conceptualize Internet ideas is as important as the technical professionalism of a web designer.

I love what I do and try to get better and better with every project and I really hope that shows in my work.

Feel free to contact me, regarding your web project and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a free quote.

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